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Photograph of page 1 and 2 of Federal Form 1040 stacked on top of one another.

Form 1040, Line 12: What counts as Business Income?

Most new self-filing taxpayers who begin working on their own Form 1040 will get to Form 1040, Line 12, and see the following, which very often will leave them confused: The term “business income”, as far as Form 1040 Line 12 is concerned, does not have as broad of meaning as you may expect. In this context, business income could...

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Everything You Need to Know about Deducting Educator Expenses

The Issue: The issue discussed in this article is the pre-AGI deduction available to teachers who purchase books, equipment, and other supplies for use in their classroom. The key questions we’ll discuss in this article include the following: Who qualifies to take the deduction? Which expenses are deductible? What amount of expenses are deductible? How long is the deduction available...